Monday, February 16, 2009

Well as I sit here today I am listening to dear Abbey bark like a seal, she has caught her dad's crud! And I am putting off going in and cleaning the puppy room I haven't even bothered to open the door yet because I know what is waiting for me! Isaiah is trying to play a drum solo on the coffee table,(he is trying to direct all his energy since he just got in trouble for invading his brother's space). Dear Shaina has yet to arise from her teenage slumber. And Dear Jon has isolated himself to the upstairs to see if he can get another day of rest in....... he is still trying to come back from the land of the living dead! I hear Momma dog barking to come in but haven't decided to do that yet, since I know she needs feed and wants a little of me. As for Noah he is still in his jammies and pretty content to stay that way so it may be a little while before that changes. I am still in my jammies and in desperate need of a shower, I'm pretty sure I lost my window of opportunity on that one at least till naptime! I do have my "rubber shoes" on though in preparation for cleaning up after the puppies.... I should have a rubber suit though.
After 8 puppies I am seriously wondering why I ever had a hard time with just the 4 kids and Jon. I have only had about 3 nervous breakdowns since Jon brought the dog home, so I think I am doing alright!
The crazy thing about all this is despite all the chaos in my life... my thoughts keep wandering to how I can decorate my house. And that image that I have of the nice, clean, organized, decorated house is like a little sanctuary inside my head. I find myself daydreaming of all the cool things I could do to hang on my walls... I think I could get alot more accomplished during the day if I daydreamed about laundry and doing dishes!