Saturday, January 22, 2011

my yearly update

So yeah where to start right. 2010 was quite the year. I suppose I could start this like a christmas letter then perhaps I wouldn't feel guilty for not sending Christmas cards. This has been a year of change and brought to light so much to be grateful for.
I am not sure I am really ready to write all the details so just a brief overview I suppose. We are still in Utah, still loving our friends who are more like family that make up our happy little bubble of a neighborhood. The kids have wonderful friends and supporting adults all around them.
Shaina finished up 9th grade at the jr high and started high school in August YIKES!!! She is 15 and continues to bug me about getting her permit to drive. I am soooooo not ready for all this. She still plays her violin and is in the school orchestra. She just finished up playing in the orchestra of Bountiful High Schools production of Cinderella. I was so proud of those kids it was alot of time and effort. They played for 2 different casts and put in many hours practicing and with actual performances. She helps me a ton around the house and does the best she can at most everything she sets out to do! Love you Sissy!
Isaiah is growing like crazy! He finished up his 4th grade year working really hard and enjoyed his summer vacation. He loves hanging out with some of the boys here in the neighborhood, they love exploring and mischief. I suppose they are typical little boys. He spends his time, drawing, playing on the computer, reading...reading... and reading.. playing a video game here and there and hanging out with friends. Sometimes I think he is too busy for all the rest of us.
Abbey wowzers... Abs finished up kindergarten and had a wonderful summer. She has changed and grown up so much this year. She has really started to read books and loves story time at night. She will read to me or I will read to her but either way she enjoys it.She lost her first 2 teeth and can not wait for more to be loose! She is a wonderful helper to me. And has really enjoyed all the new little ones around the house... (more info on that when I explain my year ;) )
Noah and I have a wonderful time at home. During the last school year him and I had our mornings to ourselves while Abs went off to kindergarten we loved it. Now he stays at home with me and helps me with all the little daycare kiddos. He is not quite sure about sharing momma with everyone else but is doing really well being my helper! I am very grateful for the time we have together. He is still a go getter and keeps me always on my toes. He is sooooo ready for school and can not wait for the chance to be one of the "big kids" in everything he does.
As for me, this year has been wild. I am still staying home with the kids but lots of changes around here. In August when school started I started watching some extra kiddos during the day. I am so happy to have the extra little ones in my home. It has been a huge blessing for me to be able to do this. I have had a big and busy year but am looking forward to each day and the possibility that it holds.
Whew I quick update. I am not feeling much in the writing mood, so perhaps when things are a little quieter around here I will update again. No promises though this may be a once a year type deal.