Sunday, November 9, 2008

Nothing exciting

Don't you love how the title just draws you in.... Well anyway that is pretty much it just more of the same ol' same ol'. The kids are busy with school and church and whatever else they can be busy with. We are just trying to recover from Halloween(why is it the older you are the more this holiday kicks your bootie?) I sure don't feel too hot after I stuff my face with a bunch of candy! Hope everyone is doing well. We sure do miss all our family and friends!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Okay an update finally!!!

A few pictures to start off. Nothing special just a few random ones.

Saying good-bye to grandma! 07/08. How many of us have had these moments with our wonderful Grandma Willey!

Shaina with her birthday pancake. Our tradition we started a couple of years ago, you get a plate sized Mickey Mouse pancake for breakfast on your birthday morning. Shaina is 13 but she still wanted her Mickey pancake.
Isaiah after scout camp. Just a day camp that he got to go to this summer and work on merit badges or belt loops or what ever they are called at this age. Noah didn't quite know how to take the face paint. But he does love his big brother!

Things are crazy busy, and just have not felt up to writing. I feel like I am too invovled with everyone else's lives when I get on the computer to worry about updating everyone on mine. Well I will resolve to do better. Jon was unemployed for about 3 weeks, enough time for me to realize why it is important for him to have a job!!! Shaina is so busy with violin, school, and doing the school musical right now. She has a hard enough time just being a teenager much less adding everything else on. Oh and did I forget to mention she is taking a full load of honors courses including Geometry as a 8th grader!! We will see how she holds up under all this, I am thinking she is going to be really ready for Christmas vaction! Isaiah has started cub scouts and is loving school. He is already a social butterfly, and loves being at his friends' houses. Abbey goes to preschool 3 days a week which she loves. She lives for time on the computer and watching her cartoons. She also likes being crafty (in more ways that one I might add) and useing her imagination anyway she can. Then there is Noah..... He is a very cool kid! I might be a little partial but really I just think he is pretty awesome. He is a little worker if I can keep him busy and engaged in something if not he is into trouble!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am a big ole blog slacker!

Yes it is true it has been a half of a century since I posted. Very busy here things are certainly zooming by. We are doing baseball with Isaiah, finishing school up with all the big kids, and chasing two very active younger kids pretty much 24/7. Noah has decided it is his responsiblity to keep me actively engaged in his behavior from sun up to sundown. I do have pictures of some exciting happenings around here... like Abbey's first stitches! But those will have to wait for another day (like the teaser)as I am just now headed off to the showers for the day. I have a little nap break so need to accomplish what I can when he is down! Love you all and miss you bunches! Hope to hear from you all soon.
Oh and my dear cousin Brenda has just been diagnosed with AML (luekemia). This hits pretty close to home for my family as we have been through this with dear Shaina and my dear brother Lee (lymphoma). So if you could offer some prayers for her and her dear family I know it would be appreciated.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I love for you all to stop by and leave comments. But it seems I have begun to recieve some spam comments, didn't know this was possible, and so I am taking a few security measures. Thank you everyone and I don't want to deter anyone from commenting I love hearing from all of you and I hope this will solve the issue.

Thursday, January 10, 2008


Thought I would add a few fun pictures of the kids. Shaina must be hiding from the camera because I can't find a new one of her. This is a face of Abbey's I see quite often: And this is my little man showing off his new haircut and being one! That was a very fast year!

This is my other little man. I had to have this picture. He was a perfect... "All I want for Christmas are my two front teeth!"
Okay thought I would just add that the kids did get more than 1 present for Christmas so for all of the grandparents that are feeling like my kids need more things they are fine! Well that about does it. That is 2 updates in 2 days don't want you all getting spoiled!

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas and Noah's one!

Well I am a little behind on updating this. Christmas was good around here and Noah celebrated his first birthday. He very much enjoyed his cake and pizza and m&ms just what every little boy would want. And I couldn't resist the chirstmas morning snapshots these are the kids reactions as they opened gifts Isaiah's was a watch Shaina's was jeans and Abbey's a pink unicorn stick horse. Just for all the people who feel that they have to have a wii to get a good reaction!

That is Shaina smelling the new jean smell. I gotta love my kids! Until next time Julie~