Wednesday, January 20, 2010

pitiful poster!

Okay really there is no other word but pitiful for my blog entries. I am sure your jaws are hitting the floor that I actually wrote something. I went to lunch with some friends last week who so kindly let me know that they "used" to read my blog but can't because I never post. I tend to never post because I think the A.D.D part of my brain tends to take over when I try to write! Well I suppose I should be more on top of it. I was just looking through old posts with the kids and they were so excited to see pictures of themselves and their brothers and sisters so I suppose I should write if nothing more than them to know what crazy random rambling their mother was capable of. I will go through pictures and update soon. Sorry for the delay. And I apologize to my children in advance for missing pieces of their history... Okay now you can pick your jaws off the floor and go back to your regularly scheduled internet browsing.