Thursday, February 19, 2009

A little ray of light

As I write this today there is a tiny beam of sunshine pouring over the side of my face and hand,aaaahhhhh! The house is almost quiet except for the sound of Dora indoctrinating my 2 youngest children. Abbey has dressed herself and the cough is sounding so much better. My kitchen is almost clean, Jon WASHED THE DISHES BEFORE HE LEFT FOR WORK!!!!! Yes that does need to be shouted! It is a miracle. And there are 8 sleeping puppies, feed, and in a cleaned "room". There is a load of laundry in the wash and another in the dryer. (I do have about 3 loads to fold but we are not focusing on that right now, I am living in the sunbeam!)
Today is the first day that I noticed the sun pouring in like it is. I love that my house has incredible windows. I always ponder the connection between the sun and the Son (Jesus Christ). Life always seems a little brighter with the sun around, life always seems a little clearer when you are sitting in a sunbeam, life is a little sweeter when the sun is shining. And you always seem to enjoy the sun the most when life is the darkest. I am glad I found my sunbeam today! Now I am thinking it is time to put the sunbeam away and get back to the kiddos, Noah has decided that he needed to go into the puppy room, but first he needed to spray the T.V. and coffee table down with Febreeze. Well time to leave the sunbeam for awhile, I hope it is still around when I get back!