Tuesday, March 24, 2009

An apology and an update..

Well the update first, seems I have been slacking a little with the blog.... Sorry. But that is not the apology I was talking about.
As I type this the calendar says spring but the weather is still holding out for winter, I am alright with that as long as I get a little ray of sunlight every once in awhile. Noah has taken a liking to Milk Bones I guess he comes by that pretty naturally. Yes my mom and brother will know exactly what I mean and I am not sure if I would like the rest of the world to know. I found him in the closet yesterday with a milkbone in each hand. Not going to sweat this too much as he has been into much worse and I think I would prefer the dog food to the garbage.. not 100% about this one yet. Abbey is growing up so much and just within the last week is really starting to love to read and try and spell words , it is her new favorite game. She sounds out signs and cereal boxes pretty much whatever is in front of her. Isaiah is dying with Spring fever and ready for the weather to turn nice and stay that way and Miss Shaina is as busy as ever, she was up until almost midnight last night putting the finishing touches on her posters for student body officer. Well they actually weren't totally done until this morning 10 minutes before school started... oops. But she is getting big and busier than ever. And speaking of Shaina that brings me to my apology.

It seems I owe my oldest child an apology. You see I am afraid I have passed a curse onto her. Any of you that have had the privilege of being within a few feet of my face, know that my glasses are as thick as pop bottle bottoms! I am half way to blind and without my glasses let's just say my brain doesn't work much less my eyes. Unfortunately it seems out of all the wonderful things I could pass along to my children this is the one thing for sure I have cursed Miss Shaina with. And so for a lifetime of glasses and thick lenses I am terribly sorry. And for the awful astigmatism I am sorry. and for all the middle of the night bathroom visits that you stub your toe because you can not see your hand in front of your face, I am sorry. For all the times when you are trying to run the mile in P.E. and your glasses slide off you nose from sweat, or fog up , I am truly sorry. For each and every idiot that calls you four eyes, I give you the permission to use,"four eyes are better than two", and I am sorry. For every time you misplace your glasses but are too blind to find them on your own and have to ask someone else to look for them, I am sorry. For each and every time you have that smudge on your glasses you just can not seem to get off and it drives you absolutely loony, I am sorry. But there is one thing that I will never apologize for and that is the way you look in your glasses Miss Shaina. Because there could never be the more perfect fit to a pair of glasses. This beautiful face was made for these glasses and she looks the part she was born to play. Out of all of Shaina's wonderful and beautiful qualities these glasses have only magnified them. I love you little Miss Shaina and your beautiful glasses face!


Penny said...

Shaina looks so much like you with the glasses Julie Bugs!!!!!! I was so surprised!!!! Not that you look alike but that you look soooooooooooo much alike...both beautiful. Thanks for blogging, I enjoy getting caught up. I won't tell anyone about what Noah inherited...;)unless they tempt me... I love you...Mom