Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I am a big ole blog slacker!

Yes it is true it has been a half of a century since I posted. Very busy here things are certainly zooming by. We are doing baseball with Isaiah, finishing school up with all the big kids, and chasing two very active younger kids pretty much 24/7. Noah has decided it is his responsiblity to keep me actively engaged in his behavior from sun up to sundown. I do have pictures of some exciting happenings around here... like Abbey's first stitches! But those will have to wait for another day (like the teaser)as I am just now headed off to the showers for the day. I have a little nap break so need to accomplish what I can when he is down! Love you all and miss you bunches! Hope to hear from you all soon.
Oh and my dear cousin Brenda has just been diagnosed with AML (luekemia). This hits pretty close to home for my family as we have been through this with dear Shaina and my dear brother Lee (lymphoma). So if you could offer some prayers for her and her dear family I know it would be appreciated.


Courtney said...

Hey Julie,

It's your cousin Courtney. Brenda's blog has been such a great site to get in touch with everyone that I have been out of touch with. Check out our blog, I was baptised in February and am now pregnant with twins...wow how life changes!

Lots of Love,