Tuesday, December 4, 2007

We have a miracle!

Well besides the fact that I totally ditched the blogging audience with this little piece of information I have been telling everyone I know! So last Wednesday we go in to the hospital to have Abs surgery and right before they are ready to put her under they decide to go get another xray. So glad they did for it seems Abs had a little talk with Jesus and told him "take that golf token out of my tummy!" Well we all know what Abbey wants Abbey gets so there you have it ....no surgery! The token was gone! Now I had continued my extensive search everyday to see if that bugger had passed(I will spare you those wonderful details!) and I never saw any trace of it. I am not quite sure how Jesus managed this one but we don't really care either! We will take this little miracle no matter how it came to pass! So that is that a little testimony builder for our 3 year old and for the rest of us as well!
Thank you all for keeping us in your prayers we know this works miracles! Love you!


Chad & Linda said...

OH, that's good news! We love miracles...