Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little update.............

Things are going pretty good around here. We are having a wonderful fall full of warm fun days. Jon is trying to keep busy at work and finishing up his semester at school. The kids got their report cards last week and they were very good! Shaina is pulling straight A's which she works very hard for and we are really proud. Isaiah is doing really well exceling in Math and learning to read more and more. He is even starting to engross his self like someone else we know (Shaina) and sit and read until I have to tell him to go play outside for awhile. Although if given the chance I am sure he would sit in front of the TV the rest of his life and become a zombie!!!! I enjoy them so much and realize I could never tend to all of them without some good help from friends and my Shaina girl she is such a blessing to me!
Abbey update is the token is still there they think it is not passing and after another x-ray looks like we are off to the Children's Hospital for a surgery consult on Tuesday we will keep everyone updated on what we find out. Just keep her in your prayers. And if you know of anyone that could spare a guardian angel this one may just be wearing hers out!!!!
I am just keeping busy and trying to start doing my photography a little more on the side I have student loans I have to pay back someday!!!! If you want to check out more of my work I have another blog dedicated to that hobby!
You can check it out here:
We love you all and hope all is well with everyone!